Queer-feministisches Kino und Schamlos! präsentieren: Emilie-Jouvet-Zyklus, ein Soli-Zyklus für Schamlos! queer-feministisches Pornographie-Festival Bern

  Experimenteller Film, Queer Lesbian Porno von Emilie Jouvet , Frankreich, 2005, OV F/e, 83 Minuten

One Night Stand

In a dizzying and delectable feast of sex, passion and desire, One Night Stand dishes up five sexy “one night stands,” each showing the intense drama between two first-time lovers who’ve “selected” each other to play out their erotic fantasies.

- First Prize of the Lesbian Jury, 1st Porn Film Festival Berlin - Special Prize of the Jury of the Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - First Prize of of the Lesbian Jury of the Amsterdam Porn Film Festival