Cine Migration: Encampment

  Dokumentarfilm von Stanley Edward, Nanna Katrine Hansen, Thomas Elsted und Markus Fiedler , Dänemark, 2019, OV E/e, 30 Minuten

Cast Away Souls

Cast Away Souls details the political setup of deportation centre Sjælsmark in Denmark, which houses people who await deportation. In the film, we hear a conversation between Stanley Edward, who was a resident of the centre for many years, and the director of the deportation centre, a trained prison officer.

We learn of the conditions facing residents in the centre, and Edward's questions make the director reveal the specific mechanisms at work in the centre, where international human rights conventions are put to the test.

CAST AWAY SOULS not only speaks to one of today's most polarising political issues; namely, how people lacking legal authorisation to remain are treated, but also addresses broader questions of human compassion and personal responsibility in the dehumanising European bureaucratic deportation apparatus.

After the screening, discussion with: Stanley Edward (via Skype) – Director of «Cast Away Souls» and Anne-Claire Adet, director of «Bunkers», moderated by Lisa Maria Borelli and Christina Mittmassern of the Swiss Network of young Migration Scholars (SNyMS).