Ethnokino Festival: Resilient

  Documentary by Cliff Orloff , Venezuela, 2022, Spanish with English Subtitles, 40 Minuten

Visits to A Yanomani Village 2000-2020

The Yanomami, living in the remote Venezuelan Amazon, on the border with Brazil, have been surviving as semi-nomadic hunter gatherers for thousands of years, relatively untouched by modern civilization ... or the Venezuelan government. In the short period between 2001 and 2013, a unique experiment in human evolution was conducted by the Venezuelan government. Newly elected Hugo Chavez, heavy with oil riches, decided to bring the Yanomami into the Venezuelan socialist welfare state. This story documents that experiment at a Yanomami community called Wirionawe-teri. My wife Olga, a photojournalist, and I, made our first visit to Wirionawe in November, 2000. We had no idea then, that this would become a 20 year project... nor the surprising changes we would encounter.