ciné liminal

  90 Minuten, Dokumentarfilme

Shapes of Activism / Enchanted Land

The Enchanted Day of Erês

Coraci Ruiz, Julio Matos, Brazil, UK 2023, OV e, 11 Min.

Terra Mater - Mother Land

Kantarama Gahigir, Rwanda 2023, OV e, 10 Min.,

Flores del Otro Patio

Jorge Cadena, CH, Colombia 2022, OV e, 15 Min.

The three short films will take us on a journey into intersectional activism such as performative actions by queer people defending the earth (Flores del Otro Patio); engagement with trash and trash pickers in Rwanda calling out against neo-colonialism and hyperglobalization and for equality and freedom (Terra Mater); and along with a group of practitioners of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé, which is one of the few to welcome the vulnerable “travesti” and LGBTQI+ community in a country with deep structural racism, where more trans people are murdered than anywhere else in the world.

Q&A with directors.