Amandine Gay, USA, 2016, OV F/e, 122 Minuten

Speak Up / Make Your Way

«Speak Up/Make Your Way (Ouvrir La Voix)» is a film about francophone European black women from the diaspora. It showcases art performances and compelling storytelling from those who are usually spoken of or spoken for. The film will therefore focus on our common experience related to our minority status in predominantly White ex-colonial countries, while highlighting the great diversity of our Afropean communities. Speak Up/Make Your Way (Ouvrir La Voix) aims at bringing to light our existence at the crossroad of multiple discriminations that go way beyond our ‘black women’ status. Speak Up/Make Your Way (Ouvrir La Voix) is a statement from francophone European black women so as to why we choose to reclaim the narrative about ourselves. We will not be silenced, we will not be erased and we are in charge of our representation.” - Amandine Gay

Amandine Gay is s a French, Montreal-based, Afrofeminist filmmaker, activist, and journalist. The feature-length documentary «Speak Up / Make Your Way (orig. Ouvrir la Voix) is her directorial debut.