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Open Screen

six short films made by young, independent filmmakers

ciné liminal opens the new season with another open screen event, spotlighting emerging talents and experimental visionaries. This event focuses on the work of first-time filmmakers, autodidacts and anthropologists, students or non-students. We will be screening a selection of captivating short films by some of the finest up-and-coming filmmakers. The event is divided into two blocks which will be followed by discussions with the filmmakers.

Q&A with filmmakers

Witerzieh (Caterina Rachel Vögeli, Flora Tischhauser, Jamina Zbinden, Simon Rauber | Switzerland | 2023 | 12min)
Living with a circus means moving around all summer long, living with the people you work with and creating a home on the road. But what happens during wintertime? And how does it feel to leave the circus crew to go back to settled life? We followed the crew of the swiss circus “Circolino Pipistrello” on their way to their winter quarters. The short documentary shows the different layers of the circus life. On one hand, we see the technical parts of being on the road - the mending and caring for the machinery and the materials as well as the organisational aspects. On the other hand, we see the emotional bond that comes from living together and relying on each other. This creates a story about moving (on).

Esther (Ana Scheu Amigo | Switzerland | 2021 | 19min)
Esther grew up on a remote farm in the mountains. Since her move to the city, many things have fundamentally changed for her. The place of her childhood, however, has remained the same. How can she stand by her values without distancing herself from her parents? A story about growing up, where feminism collides with Catholicism.

Endometriosis: Chronically Invisible (Lynn Kohli, Katja Stirnemann, Tren Guerrero | Switzerland | 2022 | 9min)
In the short film, men report on women's experiences with endometriosis. By changing the gender, the gender-based discrimination in dealing with women's diseases becomes clearer: If endometriosis were a man's disease, there would probably be much more knowledge about it! The short film is part of the bachelor thesis by Lynn Kohli at the University of Zurich (Institute of Social Anthropology and Empirical Cultural Studies, 2022) in collaboration with Katja Stirnemann and Tren Guerrero.

Çavê ta paçtaka (Deniz Örün | Switzerland | 2024 | 17min)
VHS tapes served as a communication medium in our family for years. The Kurdish diaspora in Switzerland was recorded by my father, Sahin Örün, depicting their daily lives and speaking to the camera. Back in Pazarcik, our hometown, these videos were shown to corresponding relatives, who then responded in kind. Amidst this innovative approach, reminiscent of today's video calls, a unique perspective on Switzerland emerges. It reflects the viewpoint of the diaspora's relatives living in Switzerland and the lives of migrants in this "foreign" land. How do people from Pazarcik imagine Switzerland? How do they attempt to portray themselves on camera? "çavê ta Paçtaka" is more than just a greeting. It represents the longing for family unity and the healing of deeply inflicted wounds.

The Order of Things (Elisa Faes, Jannes Tuschy, Leonie Wimmer, Moe Renfer | Austria | 2023 | 7min)
Zwischen Baustelle und Block, Bagger und Flaniermeile findet das Leben in der Seestadt Aspern statt. Aber wie bewegen sich die Menschen in der Topografie, die von renomierten Architekturbüros entworfen wurde? Und wer bestimmt eigentlich, was das gute Leben ist? Ein essayistischer Kurzfilm.

A Guide to Dance for Adult Children (Sadaf Biglari | Germany, Iran | 2024 | 14min)
It's an experimental journey through the lens of VHS home movies, delving into childhood memories, highlighting dance not only as a tool of expression but also as a manifestation of existence. It's a personal narrative that doesn't merely belong to the past but maintains an ongoing presence in the protagonist’s body. It plays around with imagination and fiction, reclaiming agency and power for seven-year-old Sadaf and her classmates.