Bei uns im Programm:

Fr. 22.11.2019; 20:00 Uhr

My Body My Rules

Experimenteller Film / Porno von Emilie Jouvet , Frankreich, 2017, OV F/e, 60 Minuten


Queer-feministisches Kino und Schamlos! präsentieren: Emilie-Jouvet-Zyklus, ein Soli-Zyklus für Schamlos! queer-feministisches Pornographie-Festival Bern

Ja es ist tatsächlich wahr. Schamlos! queerfeministisches Pornofestival geht in die nächste Runde! Damit dieses tolle Projekt auch ein weiteres Mal stattfinden kann, laden wir zum Soli-Zyklus und Schamlos!-Soliparty ein!

Emilie Jouvet is a film director and photographer. She’s been exploring the european queer scene for over 15 years and her work has been shown all over Europe. In 2005 she made her first french, queer porn, lesbian and transgender feature film: One Night Stand. In 2009 she created an evanescent group of performers, for a unique european tour, with the intention of shooting her second feature film: Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts in the Queer X Show, a feminist, sex-positive documentary road-movie. The entirety of her work was recognized by the Feminist Porn Awards Europe in Berlin in 2012. In 2017 she made My Body My Rules, a strong political and feminist manifest about body politics, female sexuality and its representation, as well as about diversity and various forms of sexual desire. Aria was released in 2017 – a film about queer parents, identity and family constructions.

As former member of the Queer Factory, Emilie Jouvet has co-founded different collective artist groups: TTMF, La Fem Menace, Les Productions Contraires. She is a member of Oui Oui Oui Egalité, AJL the Association of LGBT journalists and SAFE LGBT, the Association for the fight against violence within the LGBT community. She lives and works between Paris and Berlin.

Vor jedem Film wird jeweils ein Kurzfilm von Emilie Jouvet gezeigt. Am Samstag den 23.11.19 wird im Frauenraum eine Soli-party für Schamlos! geben.