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Do. 26.11.2020; 20:00 Uhr

Ethnokino Shorts +++Veranstaltung abgesagt+++

Different filmmakers, , , Various/e, 15 Minuten


EthnoKino presents: Ancient Futures

Im Kino gilt eine Maskenplficht, wir bitten Euch, eine eigene Maske mitzubringen.

EthnoKino is an ethnographic film programme curated by a collective of Bern-based anthropologists. This season EthnoKino reflects on the futures that are dreamy, blurry and full of unknowns. Through the vision of the finest examples of ethnographic fiction and non-fiction cinema, we look into the ancient divine wisdom, to the traditional and to the struggles that are for a more just world.

Stretching over the past and present, our journey takes us to the uneven terrain, steep climbs and descents of the High Atlas mountains as we follow a nomadic family thriving through hardship in Morocco (Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas). Yet, futures belong to those of the earth guardians who sing in determination. We see how in solidarity a community overcomes disillusionments (Songs of our Soil). Following the footsteps of Dr.Gerda Lerner, the Godmother of Womens History, we ask how does knowing our past affect our potential to shape the future? (Why Women Need to Climb Mountains). We then hymn into the rituals of resistance, as we learn on the many paths one can take for the Tibetan cause in an intergenerational perspective  (Rituals of Resistance). In the end, futures can't be predicted without looking into the ancient, we look into an oral story that for the first time is told in the form of a feature film by the Haida of the Canadian Archipelago (Edge of the Knife ). We dedicate this season for the most unexpected but most anticipated; to our very own, common future.