Bei uns im Programm:

Do. 14.12.2023; 19:30 Uhr

Yamomaki Filmmaking Brazil

verschiedene, Brasilien, 2023, OV , 98 Minuten, Ethnographische Dokumentarfilme

We dedicate this screening to Yanomani filmmakers of Brazil showing one long movie and three short films. The topics shown in the movies range from daily activities like fishing to shamanic rituals … weiter

ciné liminal

What is the cinema space that we want to create together? It is a space of liminality, it is ciné liminal.

The new name under which we will continue the work of Ethno?Kino Seasons refers to transitional stages and periods, to the blurring of fixed boundaries, to the occupation of the borderlands and to the in-betweens of stories, people and things. In a world in which classifications, hierarchies and structures prevail, we are interested in the liminal, in the reversing, resisting and reforming -both as a community and through the films we curate. ciné liminal is a new chapter, ambiguous and fluid, creative and experimental. Focusing on the open-ended and ever-evolving we want to be a space for discussions, collaborations and (ex)change.

The liminal will also guide us through our new season, where we will show films that look beyond the conceptually normative and divisive, that focus on structural marginalization, revolution and resistance, or that make us rethink our relations to gender norms and our more-than-human environment.

About: In 2017 a group of social anthropology students, filmmakers and film-enthusiasts founded EthnoKino in Bern and started to organise regular film screenings and discussions with filmmakers in Kino in der Reitschule. Since 2021 we have two different working groups out of which the seasons collective now transforms into ciné liminal.