Queer-feministisches Kino und Schamlos! präsentieren: Emilie-Jouvet-Zyklus, ein Soli-Zyklus für Schamlos! queer-feministisches Pornographie-Festival Bern

  Sex-positiver Dokumentarfilm von Emilie Jouvet , Frankreich, 2011, OV F/e, 98 Minuten

Too Much Pussy!

Anschliessend Diskussion mit DJ Metzgerei / Ena Lind. Ab 23.00 Uhr Schamlos!-Soliparty im Frauenraum

Too Much Pussy! follows a group of performers who are all members of the sex-positive movement during the tour of their "Queer X Show" through Europe, from Berlin to Malmö. The group consists of the writer and actress Wendy Delorme, the DJ Metzgerei, the actress Judy Minx, the singer and performer Mad Kate, the artist and performer Sadie Lune, and the actress and director Madison Young.?

- Award for the most innovative film, Belfort International Film Festival?- Award for Best LGBT film, Cannes Independent Film Festival